Featured Coach- Keith Wikle

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Suffice it to say I am a paddlesports enthusiast. Over the last 15 years I’ve traveled far and wide in the Midwest and abroad for waves, expeditions, and fun from a kayak. I really enjoy paddling lumpy and moving water. Nothing beats the feeling of a kayak planing down the face of a wave at top speed. Because of this enthusiasm, I have sought out coaching certifications to be able to share this excitement.


Keith Wikle is a an avid great lakes surfing enthusiast in both a sea kayak and a small surf kayak. His experience and coaching in moving water even drew him to starting his own Great Lakes freshwater intermediate to advanced instructional event the Gales Storm Gathering. He has sought out coaching certifications with both the BCU and the ACA to provide top flight coaching in the Midwest. Keith has traveled for kayaking and surfing on both coasts, Ireland, and British Columbia. His instructional business in Kalamazoo Michigan is GoKayakNow.com


Featured Coach- David Johnson

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7636126850_ea9b0b0a03 On a desk in the Police office, in the small village of Grand Marais, sits a cold case….a mystery of sorts of the Boathenge Builder.  You see several years ago several boats “mysteriously” were buried, and arranged into a structure that was eerily similar to that rock formation across the pond.  That year there were several Canadians attending and of course everyone suspected them…you know, because everyone knows how devious Canadian’s can be.  Having said that, the Grand Marais version of the OPP (that’s Canadian for police), still haven’t gathered enough evidence to convict so the case remains open.  This year we are excited to announce the return of the Canadians in force, and our first featured coach is the notorious David Johnson! 291072_284867531536086_1406879381_o David Johnston has been introducing people to the sport of sea kayaking for the past 15 years. He is a senior instructor trainer with Paddle Canada and teaches for several paddling schools Ontario including White Squall Paddling Centre and Naturally Superior Adventures. Kayak instruction has allowed him to travel throughout North America including Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and San Francisco but nothing is quite as good as paddling on Lake Superior. David serves as the chair of the Sea Kayak Program Development Committee with Paddle Canada which is responsible for maintaining the national program syllabus. In his free time David also runs the popular sea kayaking news and gossip website, Paddling Headquarters (paddlinghq.com) as well as the co-host of the podcast, Kayak Mainline with his partner in crime, Kelly Blades. 1294331_459158890872471_2084097888_o David is also a team paddler with P&H Kayaks, Werner Paddles, Kokatat, North Water and Aquapac. When not paddling, David lives in Toronto where he is a web designer with the Ontario Provincial Government. Future dream jobs include becoming a professional wrestler referee or a certified waterslide tester. unnamed

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GLSKS December Newsletter- Hot Off The Press!

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Sure, the 2014 paddling season is coming to a close on the Great Lakes. But don’t despair! To help you survive the gloomy winter, the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium will be publishing a monthly newsletter filled with tales of July beaches, summer breezes, and cold Beers with Bill!
Sit down by the wood stove, relax, and enjoy the first of many newsletters. Click the link below to check out the latest news on one of the oldest kayak symposiums in the country!
GLSKS Newsletter – Dec 2014

Do you have tips, tricks, stories, or tall tales to tell? Write it down and send it to us for future Newsletters! Let’s be honest: you don’t want to hear what the organizers have to say. You want to read about the adventures of other GLSKS participants, and they want to read about yours!
Email submissions of 450 words or less to jeremy@TheArtOfPaddling.com.

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Featured Coach- Mike Looman

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We have the greatest coaches in the Midwest committed to teaching at the 2015 Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. Let us introduce you to them!  Throughout the next 9 months, in this new series of posts we will introduce you to some of our wonderful and talented coaches.


Mike is an ACA Level 3 Coastal Kayak Instructor and a Level 2 SUP Instructor. He started working at Wenonah Canoe Inc. in 2003, which led to his introduction to the paddlesports industry. After his first trip the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior, he was hooked. Paddling has become a passion for him and teaching has only made that passion stronger.

He enjoys not only introducing people to the sport, but also teaching them how to be safe while enjoying time on the water. He says that watching someone increase their comfort and skill level is the greatest reward. This led him to start his own paddlesport instructing company called Midwest Paddlesport. Mike feels like he was able to learn from some of the best within the industry, and is motivated to pass these skills on to generations to come.

In 2014 alone, Mike had the opportunity to teach and paddle on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, the waters beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, the Florida Keys, and the waters of South Carolina. You can usually find Mike paddling or teaching on the Mississippi River near his hometown in Minnesota.

Mike plans to continue to share his passion for paddlesports by working with local universities and organizations.   He hopes to see you on the water next year at the GLSKS!


The 2015 GLSKS Registration is now open- Click here to register online!


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Coaches Tip ‘O The Day

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I had a very frank conversation with a friend of mine the other day. He’s a pretty high-level coach in the kayaking world. He told me that he felt like he was at a standstill with his teaching and he wondered how he could get better. I ask him “what else do you teach”. you see, his day job is working with the government and as a result he does his thing and everyone else does their thing. He doesn’t teach anything.

That got me to thinking; how many coaches do we have teaching in the kayaking world that are solely Kayaking coaches? After all, it is human nature to teach what we know to those who don’t know stuff. My bet is that everybody teaches something to somebody other than kayaking.

“Why don’t you go learn something new?”. Not only will you learn something new but you will also see somebody else teaching something. I’ve always said that the way I’ve learned to be a parent is to watch other people parent their children. And I would wager to say that I’ve learned more of what not to do by watching other parents. So it’s true with any instruction you receive. If you keep your eyes open and can multi task a bit, you can walk away with twice the education. Double down on your learning.


For me, I’m fortunate enough to be doing a ton of classes for the fire service right now so I get a huge opportunity to audit other instructors. When I’m in a course I make two columns for notes; one for the class and one for the instructional process. It’s given me other perspectives on my teaching and allows me to constantly reassess what I’m doing.

So if you want to be a better, more innovative, and effective teacher? Be an engaged and attentive student.

Kelly Blades

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Featured Coach- Jeremy Vore

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We have the greatest coaches in the Midwest committed to teaching at the 2015 Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. Let us introduce you to them!  Throughout the next 9 months, in this new series of posts we will introduce you to some of our wonderful and talented coaches.



When Jeremy Vore says that he was fortunate to grow up in the paddle sport world, he’s being literal. His obsession with kayaking started when he was 12 and he read a marketing newspaper published by Necky Kayaks that was filled with stories about the adventures and expeditions of Greg Blanchette and Ed Gillette. At 13 he bought a purple Necky Kyook and started paddling. By 16, he had upgraded to a Valley Canoe Products Pintail and started working for Stan and Emma Chladek at Great River Outfitters in Waterford, Michigan. While at GRO, he met many of the world’s top paddlers, some of whom became long-term friends and mentors.

Kayaking’s impact on Jeremy’s life is significant. In fact, his professional career path is built upon the solid foundation of communication, risk management, leadership, and decision making that he developed as a BCU instructor candidate in the mid-90s. He carried those concepts into the aviation, healthcare, and corporate training fields, where they proved both effective and unusual outside of the kayak world. He now makes his living as a kayak builder, repairman, and instructor through The Art of Paddling and as the owner RedLeaf Consulting, a corporate training development firm.
unnamed 2
Today, Jeremy is an ACA Level 4 Open Water instructor and lives on the Southern shore of Lake Superior in a renovated one-room schoolhouse with his wife and two sons. He heats his house with firewood, spends far too much time sitting around a bonfire on summer evenings, and shares his love of sea kayaking with others whenever possible.
The 2015 GLSKS Registration is now open- Click here to register online!
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2015 Registration Is Now Open!

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Photo Pete Kuhn

Photo Pete Kuhn

Registration is now officially open for the 2015 GLSKS!  The GLSKS is the oldest sea kayaking symposium on the Great Lakes and this year we are offering an updated class schedule, a few new trips and a few big surprises!  Sign up today and start planning for a fun filled learning experience this summer!


Registration Fee includes:

– All on water instruction

– All dry-land instruction

– Boat Demos

– Slide Shows

– Socials/Wine and Cheese Party

– Night Paddle

– Trips to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on beautiful Lake Superior

– Pasty Dinner

– Discounts on gear and boats at Down Wind Sports

*There are no refunds after signing up for the event.  If you are unable to attend after signing up your registration fee will be applied to the 2016 GLSKS.  If you have any questions about this policy please do not hesitate to call us at 906.226.7112

The link to register online is:  http://downwindsports.com/glsks/?page_id=2032

Use this Coupon Code to save $100.00!- EarlyBirdSpecial        This special ends December 20th!

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Gitchi Gumee Project 2014

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Gitchi Gumee 2012 Zorbari: I’ve never seen stars before! Andrea: Zorbari, you’ve never seen stars before?! Zorbari: Andrea, no! I’m from Chicago. Of course I’ve never seen stars before! Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium, 2012. Zorbari had rock-climbed and kayaked with Chicago Adventure Therapy for several summers; the inaugural Gitchi Gumee Project was her first time camping. – and her first time seeing stars, at her first campfire, with her first s’mores.


Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium, 2014. Zorbari was at the Gitchi Gumee Project, this time as a staff member with Chicago Adventure Therapy. With friend and fellow Youth Leader Fred, she managed the loading of the trailer through multiple venue changes in the course of the symposium, organized the troops to cook several meals, assisted coach Lori Stegmeir as an assistant guide on the Grand Island tour, and with Fred presented a trip report about their kayak camping trip on Grand Island in June with Greg, another Gitchi Gumee alum. (There were plenty of s’mores on the trip, and Zorbari got to build her first fire.) The Gitchi Gumee Project is a three year old collaboration that brings urban, under- served youth to the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. It all started in August of 2011, when Bill Thompson of Down Wind Sports (the organizer of the symposium) and Belinda Lee (paddling coach from Detroit) said to Andrea Knepper (Chicago area coach, and founder of Chicago Adventure Therapy) – “We have an idea. We want to have a beer with you before the symposium is over.” Bill and Belinda’s idea was to invite urban young people, kids who would never get the opportunity otherwise, to GLSKS. They asked Andrea if she could bring kids. Andrea invited Lynette Spencer of partner agency Adventure Works of DeKalb to bring some kids, and in 2012 the two brought a group of 4 young people from the Chicago area, with 5 adults. In 2013, they brought 7 young people from Chicago, and Belinda brought 4 young people from Detroit, with a total of 9 adults for a group of 20. The 2014 GGP saw 7 Chicago participants, 2 Detroit participants, and two youth leaders from Chicago, the full group accompanied by 4 adults from Chicago and Detroit for a group of 15 this year. So what happens when you bring a group of urban young people to GLSKS?


*The best selfie is the one with the Off in it *You get to watch a group of young paddling novices load a trailer like a boss • Homemade strawberry shortcake for breakfast – the baked biscuit kind, not the store bought shortbread kind • S’mores • A full day paddling with Danny Mongno of Werner Paddles • Youth who’ve never paddled learning toggle tows • The full group surfing – and LOVING it! • Chicago and Detroit youth jumping off a break wall into Lake Superior; half of them scrambling into their boats on their own; one of them towing a rescue • You end up having to dance every time the group does the Gitchi Gumee Cheer – and you get told, with friendly apologies, that you “dance like a white girl” • Two Gitchi Gumee alums presenting a Trip Report about their kayak camping trip on Lake Superior in June • One young man gets a custom fitted brand new Werner paddle in recognition of the amazing progress he’s made in a year – in both his paddling skill and his leadership skills • You learn the meaning of the word “rachet” in full detail • Hilarious moments with neck gaskets… • An amazing, heartfelt reunion with the GGP alums, GLSKS students, and area coaches.


One of the highlights of the week, always, is watching young people get their first introduction to sea kayaking. Young people who would otherwise never get to have the opportunity. These youth thank us every year, with heartfelt intensity, for giving them this opportunity. They tell us, with what seems a belief that we won’t quite get it, that they would otherwise never get to have this opportunity. They tell us how much it means to them that we provide it for them. There’s also the refrain that underlies much of the week – “it’s nice to just get away from the city for a while.” For some of the young people in the program, three square meals a day and a safe place to sleep for 4 nights in a row is a welcome respite from the every day realities of their lives. This year, we also got to watch GGP alums from previous years take on serious leadership in the group. They were a full part of the leadership team that consisted of 4 adults and 3 young people. All three of the youth leaders have had additional paddling opportunities. Fred continued to paddle in Chicago with Chicago Adventure Therapy after being introduced to kayaking at last year’s GGP. He and fellow 2013 GGP participant Greg went to the Golden Gate Symposium with Chicago Adventure Therapy in January, and they both attended Canoecopia in March. After Golden Gate they were invited to paddle in the San Juan Islands – so at Canoecopia they solicited local knowledge from people who had paddled and guided there. They also took a dry land rolling class with Ben Lawry, and were excited to get back to Chicago to try out rolling at the pool. Greg got his roll, on both sides, and also a re-enter and roll. Zorbari had paddled with Chicago Adventure Therapy, and gotten her roll, BEFORE her first GGP experience in 2012. After several summers of programming, Chicago Adventure Therapy invited her to join the staff in a BCU-UKCC Coach Level 1 Training, and she became the youngest person in this country with her Coach One. Fred, Greg and Zorbari had their first kayak camping experience in June 2014, paddling from Munising, MI and camping on Grand Island. Jose, a GGP 2013 alum from Detroit, had a very difficult time with his first wet exit at GGP last year. Later he went to the East Coast Paddlefest in April of 2014, where he got to take classes with Nigel Foster and Todd Wright, and try out a SUP board and a surf ski. Jose, a very quiet young man, provided hints and tips on the water to most of the GGP team members, working behind the scenes, leading with his quiet personality. Zorbari and Fred were both more front and center with their leadership and skills – Fred explaining the mechanics of various performance paddles to friends, Zorbari demonstrating a roll, both giving paddling advice. All three shepherded the group on the water, keeping an eye on who needed help or a rescue and providing it. The three of them, along with Greg, are going to the San Juan Islands August 4-8, with one new GGP participant and one other Chicago Adventure Therapy participant.


When the Gitchi Gumee Project started in 2012, Bill, Belinda and Andrea all hoped it would be a great opportunity. They all thought it was a chance for a few urban young people to get to do something they would never get to do otherwise, and to get to meet an amazing community of paddlers in a beautiful venue. Three years later, the impact it has had on the young people who want to keep paddling; those young people who’ve been “bit by the bug” and get excited about the biomechanics of a forward stroke – the impact it has had on these young people has been life-changing. As Coach and owner of The Art of Paddling Jeremy Vore wrote after the first Gitchi Gumee Project, People like Steve Lutsch, Stan Chladek, Doug VanDoren, Nigel Dennis, and Michael Gray all welcomed a 14 year old into their circle and facilitated my paddling in a way that would have been impossible without them. What I do now – training and communication with specialties in risk management, decision making, and leadership for both the healthcare and aviation industries – is directly descended from what they taught me on the water 20-some years ago. Zorbari, heading back to Howard University as a sophomore pre-med major next year, wants to be a heart surgeon. She’s planning all her internships for the winter so that she can keep her summers open for paddling – working for Chicago Adventure Therapy or seeking out guiding jobs.


Fred told the entire symposium in the Grand Island Trip Report that he was homeless when he came to GLSKS last year. He also reported that he will be joining the Coast Guard this fall, and attributed his ability to “get his life back on track” in large part to Gitchi Gumee and the paddling experiences he’s had since his first GGP. It’s heartening to begin to see in these two remarkable young people a similar impact from paddling that Jeremy describes. It’s also enlightening to watch the effect of their leadership on the folks who are new to the group, the symposium and the sport. When adults are showing them the ropes, they get to learn from the experts. They realize this – it is not lost on them that they have a weekend where they get to learn from some of the best coaches in the Midwest. When they’re learning from a Youth Leader, it’s different. You can see that they realize not only that they are LEARNING from experts, but that they can BECOME an expert. They realize that if they want, and if they put in a lot of hard work, this symposium is NOT the once in a lifetime experience they think it will be. Rather, it can be the very beginning of a brand new adventure. Here’s what participants have had to say in the last year: • “Words don’t describe how thankful I am for this trip and everything that you have done. Thank you.” • “What you do for me is priceless.” • “You have shown me things I didn’t even know about myself so I want to say thank you so much.” • “You have changed my life so much and you’ve lit a new fire within me that I’ll never let die out. …


Thank you for believing in me.” The Gitchi Gumee Project, its growth and its continued success is possible because of the amazing support we’ve received from the industry. We’re grateful to forward-looking, community-minded companies that have provided support.

Kokatat -Kokatat has been our original sponsor from the very beginning, providing financial support and demo drysuits for our participants. The drysuits are especially helpful for those participants who take the rolling class (most of whom perform a successful static brace, and several of whom end up rolling), and also for the “Open Water Adventure” day, which includes jumping into the water from a breakwall.

Bomber Gear- Bomber stepped up big time this year, donating dry tops and warm fleece tops. The neck gaskets were a learning curve for the kids! Once they got in the cold Lake Superior water, they were all grateful for the drytops and the fleeces. Many of them also wore the fleeces around camp, where it was colder in the evenings than they expected.

Wilderness Systems- Edith Nelson of Wilderness systems secured boats for this year’s group. We had a variety of boats in a variety of sizes, so we were able to fit people to the boat that would help them have the best possible experience. We also had the flexibility to give newer, more anxious paddlers nice stable, beginner-friendly boats, and to provide some of our GGP alums with more performance-oriented boats. Thanks Edith!

NRS- NRS provided wetsuits, especially important with the cold water temperatures in Lake Superior. In the past we’ve had to search far and wide for wetsuits we could borrow from individual paddlers. NRS also supplied PFD’s and helmets for the group this year. David took special care to provide the just right PFD for a participant who had a challenging time finding one with the right fit. Thanks so much, NRS!

Werner Paddles- Chicago Adventure Therapy is so pleased to have a set of Werner paddles, and to provide those paddles for use with the Gitchi Gumee Project. For two years now, Danny Mongno of Werner Paddles has spent an entire day with the group on Saturday; for two years now the group has had the chance to learn to surf, jump off a break wall, learn to tow, learn to scramble into their boats, and have generally learned much more about paddling than most people, and especially the group, would think that a group of brand new paddlers could learn in a day. Thanks also to Werner for donating a paddle to one of this year’s Youth Leaders, who showed tremendous improvement in his paddling and his leadership.


Thank you to everyone who made the 2014 Gitchi Gumee Project possible.  We look forward to bigger and better things for the GGP at the 2015 Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium!



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GLSKS 2014 Recap!

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The 2014 Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium, the 30th anniversary of this event, is officially in the books and 157 participants, and coaches were greeted with extreme Upper Peninsula temperatures, bitterly cold Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by four outstanding days of sunshine!  Ten different states, and two countries were represented this year with participants traveling near and far, coming to Grand Marais to enjoy the camaraderie of Midwest kayakers and the chance to explore the world class destination of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.




 This summer Down Wind Sports hosted the 30th annual Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium- the oldest kayak symposium on the Great Lakes.  Stan and Emma Chladek started the symposium in 1984 which was the event that started the organized phenomenon of Sea Kayak Symposiums.  This years five day event was organized for sea kayakers to gather, paddle, learn, socialize and celebrate another year of paddling.  The event, as it has since its inception, took place on the southern shore of Lake Superior in the beautiful beach town of Grand Marais Michigan.


On Wednesday the symposium kicked off with a day of paddlers registering and checking into the Community Center, a place where we call “home” for the weekend.    The Grand Marais Community Center was transformed into a paddle sports market place with vendors setting up booths displaying the latest boats, kayaking gear, and clothing.  It is also the area where trips and classes are signed for and many questions asked and answered.  Throughout the day old and new friends rolled in from the road, some we haven’t seen in years!



Thursday’s are traditionally our day of tours and many participants were treated to a day of adventure, paddling various trips along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Grand Island National Recreation Area.  These beautiful destinations are recognized as world class and “must see” trips for kayakers featuring majestic arches, caves and waterfalls to experience.  Strong south winds did not effect the trips and all tours were able to get on the water and explore the park in depth.  Several new trips were added this year including an exploration around AuTrain Island.


As usual, our starter course also took place Thursday on the warmer waters of Grand Sable Lake where participants learned the basics of sea kayaking from head coach Chris Delridge, getting a jump start for their classes during the weekend.

After a long day of paddling the evening’s entertainment was the Beers With Bill V Slide Show.  Here’s how it worked; Participants were encouraged to submit slides which then were arranged to music.  The show included many slides from years past giving folks an idea of how long this symposium has been developing great paddlers.  It is also a  great way to share the special places and adventures people have enjoyed throughout the year- The Great Lakes Brewery provided the libation with a keg of beer for those of age, and root beer for those who weren’t.   The beach bonfire and marshmallow roasting was a big hit with the kids and for the first time in a long time a packed night harbor tour enjoyed calm seas and loads of stars!


On Friday the sun rose and, again provided the perfect weather as a backdrop for trips returning to the Lakeshore and kicking off our instructional courses.

We are very proud to say that we have some of the most talented coaches in the country that joined us, many of whom reside right here in the Midwest. Our featured coaches/presenters; Ben Lawry, Steve & Cindy Scheerer, Danny Mongno and Bryan Hansel, brought their talents from the Midwest, East and West coasts!


The noon time meal breaks not only offered a time to socialize with fellow participants and instructors but also provided a special Soup De Jour; a menu of Lunch Box Lectures. These micro seminars let students maximize learning time while getting a quick snack to refuel for the afternoon classes.  The lectures included Knot Tying, GGP Trip Report- Grand Island, Kayaking Secrets for Intermediate Paddlers, Packing your Kayak for a Trip, and Repairs in the Field.


Once the afternoon classes concluded, at the Marina to watch a Coast Guard rescue demonstration.  The Marquette Coast Guard Station was kind enough to motor over their 45 foot Response Boat with full crew to educated participants on the Coast Guard, rescue equipment,and to demonstrate how they would rescue an injured kayaker.  “I was in the water for about 15 minutes, and was wearing a full drysuit with three layers underneath. By the end, I was shivering. A person, even properly dressed will not be able to function (i.e. swim) for very long in Lake Superior this year if they find themselves in trouble”  .Big shout out to the guys from the Coast Guard and our “dummy kayaker” Ray Boucher for braving the cold water during the rescue.


After cleaning up and finishing dinner, participants headed on over to the Werner Paddles Wine and Cheese Party presented by Danny Mongno and featured a presentation by Bryan Hansel from the “other” Grand Marais!  During the spring and early summer, Bryan Hansel kayaked from Port Huron, Michigan to Grand Marais, Minnesota. His journey took 45 days and covered 800 miles. On the trip, he traversed the two largest Great Lakes, averaged 22 miles a day, paddled in waves taller than a refrigerator, visited Isle Royale and even had pizza delivered to his tent. Bryan was an energetic and engaging speaker who brilliantly shared his amazing tale with his professional/beautiful digital images.



On Saturday the sunny skies remained but the waters of Lake Superior were back to their normal temperatures after an unusually warm two years.  Participants did not let a bit of cold water stop them from getting after it in the rolling clinics, rescues, or wet exit classes.  Why?  Because once again Kokatat came through providing drysuits for participants to check out and demo during one of their classes.  This unique opportunity was a chance not only to try a dry suit but also to enabled people to stay in the water longer. With more comfort from being in the water so long, students could really concentrate, staying comfortable and learning more!


Saturday also saw another session of boat demos.  Many participants used this great opportunity provided by the symposium to test paddle the latest boats from all of the leading manufacturers. We are proud to say that this allowed some people to find the perfect boat for them, finishing up their time with a shiny new kayak and a smile from ear to ear. (and a free registration to next years event!)

Once again, Greenland-style paddler Doug VanDoren and son his Aiden preformed their outstanding rolling demonstration. If you have never seen Doug and Aiden “do their thing”, this is a must-see.   Spectators learned a bunch and saw what is truly possible with dedication and practice. Yes my friends….you can take your bowling ball, and this year a lap top computer with you when you go kayaking (and even roll with it!)


The conclusion of  Saturday’s on water activities was the much anticipated GLSKS Race.   Once again this year we had a good turn out of as we paired coaches with participants who were racing for the coveted “GLSKS Paisly Vest”.  The professionally designed course made racers circling good harbor, traveling through the Valley Of Insults, past the Tunnel of Death to the finish line at the demo beach.  Racers were greeted by our Kids Track participants at the Tunnel of Death where they kindly cooled off the overheated racers.  To say the kids were looking forward to this all weekend is an understatement!


All in all it was an exciting race with protests, disqualifications, doping scandals, and a photo finish.   Doug and Sipke,  pulled off the victory a will represent the paisley vest well!  Congrats to both of these fine racers and we can’t wait to see your photos of the Paisley Vest and its travels this coming year! On a side note Sipke is the first two time winner of this race…….the man has some skills!


The evening festivities began at the Grand Marais High School with our annual Pasty dinner. This special and exclusive event to the symposium is a fund raiser for the senior class ( All of five students this year!), the proceeds going to the students for their senior trip.  This year’s GLSKS dinner raised over $2550.00 in which the students will use to travel to Washington DC and to go white water rafting in West Virgina.


The after dinner entertainment was Danny Mongno’s Pub Quiz.  Many of you know Danny as an exceptional paddler but his also is a skilled stand up comic and at this evenings Pub Quiz Danny was certainly “on”!  Participants were treated to a brilliant monolog, kayaking trivia, and “hands on” competition with the winning team getting a 50% discount on next years symposium!  It was a wonderful way to celebrate 30 years at the symposium- with laughter, good friends, and remembering all of the paddlers that have made this symposium so special.




SUNDAY early risers on headed to the beach where Pastor Doug Van Doren presided over the Blessing of the Boats.  The BLESSING OF THE BOATS provides an opportunity for all kayakers to gather for a blessing for a safe paddling season, while at the same time providing an opportunity for camaraderie and friendship.



The instruction concluded at noon as many happy and smiling (albeit tired) paddlers packed up and started the long journeys home.  We are still buzzing about the outcome of this year’s symposium and have many new ideas for an improved 2015 31st Anniversary edition of the GLSKS!

We would like to take a brief moment to thank our Symposiums main sponsors. These are the organizations and companies that keep us paddling, so a big thank you goes out to P&H Kayaks, Werner Paddles, NRS, Wilderness Systems and Kokatat!  Kelly, Jeremy, Doug, Todd, Nick and I would also like to give a heartfelt thank to all of our participants and coaches who truly make this symposium the gem of the Great Lakes!
One last time we would like to thank Stan and Emma for having the foresight to organize this symposium and for all of their years of hard work educating paddlers around the Midwest.  We are proud of our heritage and vow to continue the work that you started so many years ago!
Be sure to visit our photo page or facebook page to see all of the action captured at this years symposium.  Also be sure to look for a write up on the Gitchi Gumme Project programs…..coming soon!
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GLSKS 2015 Dates Announced!

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Thank you to everyone who made this years symposium so special!  There will be a recap of the event coming up soon but we wanted to get next years dates out so folks can start to make plans.  The 2015 GLSKS will take place July 16th-19th

This great birds eye view of GLSKS was provided by Pete Kuhn




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