Alogoma Ice Update- Friday Night

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Algoma – Ice Update
Shaun Parent will give us a short powerpoint presentation on some of the Big Ice that has been discovered and climbed in the areas of Batchawa Bay and Agawa Canyon as well as several other areas on Friday night!

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Demo Update

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Our demo program has been a popular event at the Ice Fest and many participants take advantage of this to check out gear and experience their first time on ice.  The check out lines for gear can be long and we appreciate everyone’s understanding as we doll out the gear.  Don’t want to wait for gear?  We are offering 20% off any ice climbing gear during the event.  You can pre order by calling 906-226-7112 and we will bring it to the event and you will enjoy years of climbing and no line waiting!


DEMO Program

For 2015 participants will be able to checkout demo gear Thursday through Sunday.  There is a limited amount of demo gear available and gear is not guaranteed!   (If you are already registered for the demo or in a class you will get gear)

Demo ropes will be set up Saturday and Sunday. A credit card will be required to check out equipment!

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American Alpine Club / Access Fund Raffle!

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At Ice Fest you will have an opportunity to learn more about these two awesome climbing organizations as well as join/renew a membership!   The advantage of joining and gaining the benefits of these clubs during Ice Fest is that you will automatically be entered in a raffle in which everyone wins some gear!  You help the club of your choice and pick up some gear in the process.

More information about the Access Fund and the Great Lakes Section of the American Alpine Club will be available at Ice Fest. Or you can check out their websites — Access FundAmerican Alpine Club


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Dry Ice Tools

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Home wall fanatics – be sure to check out the latest gear for indoor ice climbing training, Dry Ice Tools.  DRY ICE Tools are Indoor Ice Axes used by looping stiff rubber straps over the holds used in rock climbing gyms.  The climbing motion is exactly the same as in ice and mixed climbing. Now you can prepare for the upcoming ice season, in your gym, without worrying about injuring someone or puncturing the pads with sharp points raining down from above.  Dry Ice Tools made their first appearance at last years Michigan Ice Fest and they are coming back…..and buying you beer!  That’s right not only will the guys be donating a pair of tools for our now famous raffle, they are also throwing down for a keg of beer!

This fall, DRY ICE Co-Owners George Fisher and Ben Carlson revealed their latest innovation, the DRY ICE Kronos, the world’s First Wooden Handled Technical Ice Climbing Tool!


The Shaft

The DRY ICE Kronos uses non-impregnated, densified beech wood laminate developed especially for a wide range of industrial applications including motor sport, aerospace industries, as well as for neutron shielding in the nuclear industry.  The grade specially produced for the these industries is constructed to the highest density possible using thin veneers producing a dense, stable, high strength laminated board with excellent wear resistance.

The DRY ICE Kronos handle material offers high stability, increased strength, stiffness and improved life when replacing hardwood, and on the other hand, reduced weight, shorter machining times, is non-sparking and non-conductive when replacing metals. Kronos handles have half the strength of steel at only one fifth of the weight.  The Kronos shaft is CNC machined in 2 parts allowing us to machine ‘islands’ inside the handle halves that fit into the faces of the custom designed pick. These two parts are then bonded together using Aerodux 185, a 2 part epoxy adhesive used in the aeronautical industry for, amongst other things, bonding the wings to light aircraft.  The pick islands then dovetail into the pick to transfer the energy from the pick strikes directly into the shaft rather than through the stainless steel hardware.  There is a 0.3mm gap between the islands where the pick is inserted. This clearance means that the pick is pinched by the wood shaft distributing the force evenly and avoiding stress hotspots.

It will be great to have Dry Ice Tools back for the 2015 Michigan Ice Festival….be sure to stop by Sydney’s and check these tools out!


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Michigan Ice Film Teaser World Premier!

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The Michigan Ice Fest and Clear & Cold Cinema are excited to announce that if you are signed up for this years Michigan Ice Fest you will be the first climbers to see the new Michigan Ice Film teaser!   Join us Saturday night as we unveil the teaser for the film that documents the spectacular ice climbing and history that is available in Munising  Michigan.

About the Michigan Ice film:
Michigan Ice is an untold story of ice climbing in the Midwest.  Munising, Michigan on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is home to one of the largest concentrations of climbable ice in the country, and the nation’s oldest ice climbing festival. Since the early 1980s Midwesterners with mountaineering dreams have cut their teeth on Michigan ice, before venturing out to the alpine world.  This is a story of place, a scrappy, rugged corner of Midwestern flyover land that has earned the respect of climbers like Sam Elias, Kelly Cordes and Mark Wilford but has largely escaped media coverage and industry support. There are no sponsored athletes in Munising, Michigan.  There is one stoplight, 12 taverns—and the world’s largest body of fresh water, Lake Superior.
This is also a story of economics. This region relies on visitors for a significant part of its revenue and winters are a slow, difficult time. Ice climbing is changing that, and as the community embraces a resource that it has long taken for granted, we’re seeing a change in the way the region thinks about itself. A mental shift from frozen wasteland to recreation destination is occurring, and regional pride is growing.
Now a local kid, Ben Erdmann, is redefining speed and toughness from Patagonia to Alaska, while putting up new routes as an unsponsored athlete.  Our story is an introduction to the region’s geology and culture, the history of the sport in this place, and how it has produced an up and coming athlete performing on an international stage.
About Clear & Cold Cinema:
Clear & Cold Cinema is the collaborative production crew of veteran writer, photographer and filmmaker Aaron Peterson. We are dedicated to sharing the stories of the Lake Superior region.  Michigan Ice is our second product. In 2013/2014 we released the 20-min action documentary Cold Rolled tracing the history and culture of winter cycling in Marquette, Michigan that led to creation of the world’s first system of dedicated winter single track for fat bikes. The film,sponsored by Salsa Cycles and regional interests, was a runaway success on the web, was shown at Mountainfilm in Telluride 2014, screened during winter 2014/2015 in partnership with the Banff Mountain film competition and syndicated by Outside Television.  The film, Michigan Ice is due to be released winter 2016.

Scarpa Returns To Ice Fest!

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Phantom Guide

We are so excited that Scarpa will once again be supporting our event by sending their demo fleet of top notch ice boots.  As you might know, our demos are an excellent opportunity to try out the leading ice climbing manufacturers gear- so take some time out of the weekend and give one of our personal favorites- the Phantom Guide, a try.

You’ll see them in the park at Ouray, sending big in Cody, on the West Shore of Grand Island, and anywhere the temps plummet. For good reason, too – we love the sensitivity for steep ice and mixed pitches. Nothing lets you climb better than warm, dry feet. Quick lacing for a customized fit. The same materials and construction as our Himalayan boot, the Phantom 8000, so you get warmth for extreme environments, but in a svelte, sensitive iteration for objectives demanding precision climbing. The Phantom Guide weighs what a traditional leather boot does, but draws on modern technology to create our most versatile cold-weather boot.

    • PrimaLoft lightweight insulation and multilayer upper adds warmth when you’re hitting the ice
    • Waterproof t-zip and integrated gaiter provide protection from the elements so you can climb hard all day long
    • Synthetic Cordura uppers with a DWR coating provide dryness inside of the t-zip
    • Quick lace system can be tightened or loosened easily with cold fingers or gloves
    • ErgoFit sole allows your foot to flex naturally
    • Midsole construction uses microporous polyurethane to improved shock absorption and durability
    • Tough Vibram TT sole for superior grip and traction on variable alpine terrain

Thanks Scarpa for committing to support Mid West ice climbers at this years Michigan Ice Fest!

Mountaineer Bob To Make Another Appearance!

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Our friend Bob will be back at it again this year displaying his wares at the festival headquarters in Sydney’s.  Bob’s brings to the fest interesting and sometimes signed, climbing memorabilia which makes for great reading back home or at the hotel room.  He sells, trades, or buys mountaineering books, older climbing magazines and climbing catalogs, signed mountaineering expedition postcards and covers, and mountain related postage stamps.  If you don’t see it ask!  He may have it or know of someone who does.  These make great gifts for climbers so during the fest stop by Bob’s table and see what treasures you may find!

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Ice Fest 2015 Photo Contest

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We’ve seen some incredible photos from the participants at past Ice Fests and we were thinking that it’s a shame not to reward such creativity. So this year we’re introducing our first Ice Fest Photo Contest!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. During the weekend of Ice Fest (February 5th through the 8th) snap some sweet photos. Photos of climbing, partying, approaches, whatever as long as you feel it represents your Ice Fest experience.
  2. Post your photos to social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)  with the hashtag #michiganicefest2015.  You can enter as many times as you want.
  3. When the event is over, all of the photos tagged with #michiganicefest2015 will be judged by a panel of Ice Fest staff. Photos will be judged based on some seriously strict guidelines.  Exposure, composition, creativity, badassness and the panels general feeling toward the photo will determine the winner. Extra consideration will be given to pictures with more likes, shares and retweets because it always pays to be social. You must attend the Ice Fest to be eligible and photos need to be taken during the event.
  4. The panel will decide the winner in the week following Ice Fest and a big announcement will be made on the Michigan Ice Fest Facebook page. So you’ll have to keep an eye on the Facebook page to see if you won.

Pretty easy. It doesn’t cost you a dime and we know you’re posting all of your sweet Ice Fest shots anyway, so you might as well try and win something. “Win something?” you say.  Of course.  It wouldn’t be a Michigan Ice Fest contest without an incredible prize.  You’ve seen our raffle, right?  So what is this amazing prize?  It’s not just a prize, it’s a prize package.  The package will include a registration for the 2016 Michigan Ice Fest and a class of your choice at next years event.  On top of this already stellar prize we are throwing in gear and clothing from some of our event sponsors.  Crazy!

So when you get to Munising make sure you pull out your phone or camera and take your best shot at winning the Michigan Ice Fest 2105 photo contest!

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Some Courses Still Available!

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Our clinics are the perfect opportunity to gain experience and knowledge from some of the best climbers in the world!  Mark Wilford, Will Mayo, Barry Blanchard,  and Ben Erdmann all have spots open in their clinics!  Click here to register today!

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Demo Details!

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DEMO Program

For 2015 participants will be able to checkout demo gear Thursday through Sunday.  Demo ropes will be set up Saturday and Sunday.

Pre registration and a credit card will be required to check out equipment!

The demo area at The Curtains is a great time to try out the latest gear and clothing from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. You will also have the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best climbers as they will be on-hand to provide tips and advice.

There will be a limited number of helmets and harnesses to use, if you have your own, bring them if you want to avoid having to wait. You will be responsible for finding someone to belay you.


There will be a protected area roped off.  We ask that climbers and belayers be in this area only.
Helmets must be worn while climbing or belaying in the roped off area!!!

The Curtains along Sand Point Road in Munising

Saturday  ::  10am – 4pm
Sunday     ::  10am – 3pm

Demo Equipment Check-out:
Thursday-Sunday at 9:00am upstairs at Sydney’s

Demo Equipment Check-in:

Friday 4-7pm

Saturday   4-7pm

Sunday   2-4pm

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