Nate Smith



Nate Smith grew up traveling and living around the world with his family. In 2004, Nate moved to Salt Lake City to attend school at the University of Utah, and has called Utah home ever since. Nate graduated from the University of Utah with a Ph.D. in Health Promotion and Education in 2014, and has made it his goal to contribute in a positive and professional way to the outdoor industry. Nate is the owner and director of Mountain Education and Development, and specializes in teaching ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing, and wilderness medicine. Nate also dedicates much of his time at MED to providing risk management and business consultation to other like-minded organizations, and is actively involved in the ongoing professional development and mentorship of MED’s instructor team. Nate is a talented all-around mountain athlete and educator, with a serious passion for alpine climbing and spending big days in big mountains. Nate believes that outdoor recreation has the unique ability to transform people, and contribute positively to life-long health and wellness benefits. When not in the office, Nate can typically be found climbing, skiing, running, playing with his dog Makalu, cooking good food, and planning the next big adventure. Nate is known by the instructor team, his friends, and family as someone who pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the outdoor industry, a mentor and guide, and a fast-moving person both on the trail and in the airport.