Tim Banfield


Tim has been ice climbing for seventeen years. He has worked in the climbing photography industry for the past decade, gaining experience in his niche—ice and mixed climbing—while at the same time writing feature climbing articles that focus on destinations. Tim has journeyed to Alaska, Nepal, South America, the Alps, and all over Canada, pursuing icy and snowy objectives. As a seasoned climbing photographer, he is passionate about capturing authentic ice and mixed climbing images taken in the moment. He is the co-author of the recently released How to Ice Climb! By Falcon Guides, which features his photos predominantly. In addition to writing and photography, he is also involved in real estate. Outside of the “office,” Tim enjoys all forms of climbing, backcountry skiing, and biking. For more information, visit Tim at IG: @timbanfield, @iceclimbing www.timbanfield.com, and www.iceclimbing.ca