Park Rules & Local Etiquette

Over the years, ice climbers have developed a great relationship with the National
Park Service in regards to climbing within Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.
Not all climbing areas have good relationships with government agencies, but we
do. Much of that has to do with climbers who have always been respectful of
the Park Service regulations. The staff at Michigan Ice appreciates all climber’s
assistance in fostering this relationship. The following rules and regulations have
been set forth to help preserve this beautiful area.
• Munising Falls is closed to climbing
due to hazardous rock fall.
• Pets are not allowed at any
climbing areas.
• Alcohol/Cannabis are not
permitted at any of the climbing
areas. Failure to comply may
lead in the loss of the Ice Fest
• No fires are allowed outside of
designated campsites.
• There is no parking allowed along
Sand Point Road. Please park in
the designated parking lot at the
end of Sand Point Road.
• Winter camping within Pictured
Rocks is available only in the
designated lakeshore backcountry
sites and requires a permit.
Overnight camping in parking lots
is not permitted.

Drones are not permitted to be flown inside the park

Pets are not allowed at any of the climbing areas.

Dry tooling is not allowed.

• If you have any questions, please
call the park service at 906-387-3700.
Ice Fest can be a busy time at Pictured Rocks. With everyone trying to limit the spread
of Covid 19, our social interactions during the weekend are more important than ever.
Please be respectful of other climbers and avoid large groups as much as possible. The
locals love the ice climbers and we’d like to keep it that way.


If you have any questions regarding these rules please don’t hesitate to call the park service at 906-387-3700. View the official Park Service welcome here.


Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Park Entrance Fee

All visitors (16 years old and up) are required to have a Park Entrance Pass. All vehicles must display a pass clearly visible through the windshield. Display park annual pass and federal lands passes, such as senior and military passes, on your dashboard with the signature and expiration date facing up. You may also pick up a hang tag at the park.

Entrance Fee by Private Vehicle – $10.00

This is an entrance fee for all persons traveling in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle. The entrance pass is good for 7 continuous days. The pass is non-transferable.

Get a head start on your visit to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. If you plan to only visit for 1-7 days or if you want to buy an annual pass enjoy the convenience of purchasing then printing your pass before you arrive. A printed copy of this pass is required for your vehicle. Fold the printed pass on the dotted line and display it on the dashboard, with the QR code visible, at all times during your visit.

Buy your permit here!