Climbing Socials




2018 Social Schedule

One of the best things about attending the Michigan Ice Fest is the people. At Ice fest you will find men, women, children, first-time climbers and folks who get paid to climb. During the day everyone sort of does their thing, but in the evenings we all get together to meet new people or catch up with old friends.  Our headquarters for the entire event is the Central Community Center.  Located in the middle of town, most off ice activities will take place here including: registration, class meeting spot, gear demos, gear sales, shuttle pick up, mini slideshows, and poster signings.  Have questions about the festival?  The headquarters is where you will find the answers.  Maps, schedules and official Ice Fest memorabilia will also be found here. See below for After Party Info!


After parties!
After the presentations and films we will be hosting after parties at a few of the local bars. This will be your chance to hang out, have a drink and talk to the pro athletes. The headquarters and store will still be open during the parties so if you need anything for the following day this is a great time to stop by.


Wednesday – Shooters Bar
Munising’s original brew pub, Shooters Firehouse Brewpub is an homage to the volunteer fire department. A typical Upper Peninsula establishment, this will be the perfect place to welcome climbers after a long first day on the ice!

Thursday – East Channel Brewery
Munising’s newest brewery, the East Channel Brewery offers a variety of unique brewed beers “made with water from the freshest lake in the world!”

Friday – 387 
We are going home! For decades Sydney’s was the home of the Michigan Ice Fest and to be honest we kind of miss them.  This year we are going to gather upstairs at 387, the new name of Sydney’s, and laugh and tell stories just like we use to! The Ore Dock Brewing Company will be there with some free beer as well as a cash bar. Come meet our athletes, catch up with old friends, and enjoy one of the finest beers brewed right here in the U.P.

Saturday – 387 
You asked for it and this year we are going to deliver! Saturday 387 will be closing down for the 2018 Michigan Ice Fest and we will be taking over the building! Ice Fest participants will have access to the entire building providing plenty of room for everyone. Once again free beer from the Ore Dock and, YES, a band and dancing!