Past Presenters / Athletes


The Michigan Ice Fest has been blessed with having some of the worlds most talented climbers delivering inspirational, interesting, humorous and even outrageous slide shows throughout the years.  The following is a compilation of our past presenters:

Vince Anderson

Fletcher Andrews

Conrad Anker

Scott Backes

Henry Barber

Barry Blanchard

Katie Bono

Majka Burhardt

Carlos Buhler

Anne Gilbert Chase

Ben Clark

Jonny Copp

Kelly Cordes

Malcom Daley

Jim Donini

Karsten Delap

Sam Elias

Ben Erdmann

Tim Emmett

Marcus Garcia

Will Gadd

Dawn Glanc

Zoe Hart

Hedi Hawkins

Kim Hall

Steve House

Sean Issac

Joe Josephson

Stephen Koch

Paul Kuehn

Mike Libecki

Sam Magro

Kevin Mahoney

Will Mayo

Jamling Norgay

Sue Nott

Ari Novak

Rob Owens

Shaun Parent

Rich Purnell

Mark Reisch

Raphel Slawinski

Pablo Stein

Jim Shimberg

Roger Strong

Kendra Stritch

Jack Tackle

Pete Takada

Mark Twight

John Varco

Ed Viesters

Angela VanWiemeersch

Kurt Wedburg

Erik Weinmeyer

Mark Wilford

Josh Wharton

Heidi Wirtz

Jeff Witt

Fabrizio Zangrilli



“It’s refreshing to go somewhere where they still smoke, drink, and deep fry everything”.
– Pete Takada

I apologize…my projectionist has had eight beers”.
– Barry Blanchard apologizing for blurry slides during his slide presentation

– Mark Wilford, Barry Blanchards projectionist

“Our beer is colder”
– Bill Thompson refering to the comparison between all of the different ice festivals

“And there is more of it!”
– Mark Wilford in response