Special Learning Opportunities

09-08-24 Superior

We strive to give you as many chances to learn and grow as a paddler as possible.  Sometimes we come up with something that is outside the scope of our standard instruction.  These are our special educational opportunities.  This year we offering two overnight trips!   Although anyone can sign up for these classes, both are intended are paddlers with Red or Gold skill level. Space is limited so if you are interested make sure you sign up early.


Boat Demos/Boat Buyer Clinic

If you ask 10 kayakers what the best boat is you’re liable to get 15 answers.  Everyone has an opinion but no amount of bickering among your friends is as good as actually paddling a bunch of boats.  What works for others may not work for you and the only way to tell is to get out there and put some boats in the water.  With that in mind we give you the chance to paddle many of the most popular boats.  Wilderness Systems, P&H, Eddyline, Hurricane and more will have reps on hand to get you into your perfect boat, and we’ll be offering special pricing to boot!

Boat and Board Demos will be:

Thursday 9-1:30pm

Friday 8-9am

Saturday 8-9am




Deepen the already amazing benefits of yoga by using your core muscles to balance on your SUP.  This class includes a diverse range of poses, as well as gentle sequences.  Centering and breath work are integrated for a totally unique connection with a gorgeous Lake Superior morning…..can you think of a better way to start the day?