Climb Up 2014!

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September 19-21, 2014

Calling all Midwest climbers! This fall the Great Lakes Section of the American Alpine Club and Down Wind Sports will host the third annual: CLIMB UP!   This four day event is organized for our American Alpine Club Members and Midwest rock climbers to gather, climb, socialize and celebrate another year of adventure.  Our event location will be at the Silver Mountain in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Activities will include slideshows, slacklining, sport and trad climbing, new route development, clinics, and shoe demos.  Climb UP! is a celebration of climbing , and community and we encourage all climbers to bring their families and friends to enjoy the fantastic climbing the Upper Peninsula has to offer.  Participants are encouraged to rustic camp at the climbing site and enjoy evenings around the bonfire.  Tell your friends and mark it on your calendar!


Closed Monday For The Holiday!

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labor day

What a great weekend!  The Marquette Marathon was awesome to watch from our front door- very inspiring watching all of the runners giving it their best effort.  We will be open Sunday from 11-3pm if you are looking for any toys for this holiday weekend.  Monday we will be closed to go and play with our families!

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Marquette Marathon Weekend!

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The Marquette Marathon is here!  An official Boston Marathon qualifier that has been organized by marathon runners, for marathon runners, this year marks the 5th year of this amazing event.  The exciting news this year is the new course including a finish line pretty much in front of our store!

Full Marathon Start – Ishpeming

This course will quickly be come to known as one of the fastest Boston Qualifier Courses in the country! The start is in the heart of the small iron mining town, Ishpeming; which means “heaven” in Ojibwa. This town loves athletes! It is home to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and is proud to be the start of the Noquemanon Ski Marathon. From Start to Finish: Net Elevation Drop of 1037 feet.

Half Marathon Start – Negaunee

The Half starts at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum in another of our mining towns, Negaunee. Admission to the Michigan Iron Industry Museum is free! Negaunee means “low ground” in Ojibwa but don’t be fooled….you will be going lower because this is a fast course, too! Negaunee hosts the start of the Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic every summer. From Start to Finish: Net Elevation Drop of 735 feet.

Along the Iron Ore Heritage Trail

Both of our courses will join together on the Iron Ore Heritage Trail. This trail is a multi-use, year round trail that connects communities and people to the region’s historic sites and human stories. With over 160 years of mining ore, it’s no wonder that Marquette County’s landscape is so exceptional! The trail is partially paved with asphalt along with crushed granite. The footing is great for running!

Into Marquette for the Final Miles

Racers will enjoy a steady decline in elevation as well as amazing scenery full with trees, lush vegetation and spectacular rock formations. Both races will bring you to the shores of Lake Superior in Marquette where the courses will separate until the finish. Full Marathoners will continue around Presque Isle where they will be privy to some of Marquette’s proudest views and Half Marathoners will make their way to the finish as they pass the world’s largest dome, the Superior Dome.

You will feel the energy as you fly down the final stretch on Third Street lined by friends and family, our wonderful community, shops, bars and restaurants.

Need any last minute items?  We will be set up at the packet pick up area for energy food needs and special deals on some clothing.  Good luck to all of the racers!

Check  HERE to visit this marathon’s website!

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Welcome Back NMU!

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Since money doesn’t grow on trees, ASNMU developed the Wildcat Wallet program to help you stretch your dollars a little farther, working with dozens of local businesses, Down wind Sports included, to secure discounts for NMU students!  If you are a NMU student, faculty, or staff, you will get 15% off any purchase at Down Wind Sports, all day- every day!

*excludes bikes, boards and kayaks

Introduction To Bicycle Maintenance Clinic Saturday August 23rd

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Our Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance course is designed with the beginning cyclist in mind. Here you will learn the basics of maintaining your bicycle, from simple tire changes to tune-ups. This course will truly make you a self-sufficient cyclist, enabling you to perform most of the common procedures carried out on a day to day basis by bike shop mechanics. The information presented is applicable to all types of bicycles and it is also a great introductory class for anyone who would like a more thorough foundation on the art of maintaining their bike.  FREE Saturday August 23rd Marquette Store 10-11am

Pungo Sale!

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Silver Creek Disc Golf Course in Harvey- FUN!

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This past weekend we finally had a chance to get out and play the new improved course at Sliver Creek and we LOVED IT!  Hats of to Tim Kopacz and all of the volunteers who pulled off this great asset for the U.P. disc golf community!

silver creek


The new course designed by Tim Kopacz  of Watch It Bend - plays in the woods surrounding the Chocolay Township athletic fields, and open “bowl” area around the hill on the Silver Creek Church property. The forested course utilizes a gentle ridge and ravine terrain that incorporates existing open areas under a canopy of trees for a great Blue (Advanced) level design. Red (Amateur) tees make for a great and balanced experience for newcomers and recreational players, including some short ace runs!


Start by parking all the way around the end of the driveway, by the soccer field, and play the first five holes in the new western parcel. The old course church sandhill is still in play on hole 17 offering a wide open long distance throw.  The new course features hole distances that range from 215” to 425′ from the long tees.  Also new in this design are short beginner tees for less frustration and some ace races. These holes range from 130′ to 320′. Accuracy and control is a must and needed for tight left, right, straight and s-curve holes through lots of the tall wooded parcels.  Don’t forget to drop a few bucks into the pay pipe when you play and let’s see if we can encourage Tim and the other volunteers to keep up the great work and maybe add some more holes for us to play!


Looking for disc golf supplies?  We are now re stocked and ready to rock for the summer.  If you are heading out to Powder Mill or Silver Creek we have the perfect disc for you!  Stop by the Marquette store and check out the amazing selection!  Don’t have the disc you want?  Let us know and we will get in that specific disc you have been dreaming of.

Called Again: An Evening with 2012 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Jennifer Pharr Davis July 22nd

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Jen at Springer

In 2011, two-time Appalachian Trail thru-hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis wanted to test her limits. With the support of her husband Brew and a dedicated group of volunteers dubbed the “Pit Crew,” Jen hiked, stumbled, and sometimes crawled the 2,181 mile A.T. in 46 days (an average of 47 miles per day), becoming the fastest person to hike the trail and the first woman to ever set the mark. And for that, she’s been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, Guideposts magazine, and the CBS Morning Show. But Jen’s story is not about records or numbers; it’s about endurance, faith, and most of all, love. She will be speaking about the many challenges and lessons that present themselves along the trail, showing slides from over 12,000 miles of long-distance hiking which she has completed on six different continents. Jen will also be answering questions about her hiking exploits.


After her presentation, she will be signing copies of her new book Called Again: A Story of Love and Triumph, which Kirkus Reviews has called “an inspired exploration of the meaning of commitment.” Join us for what is sure to be an exciting and inspiring presentation from this world class athlete and wilderness adventurer.”

Marquette Store July 22nd 7pm FREE!

Jeff Is Off To The BC Bike Race!

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What happens when your wife gets you the best Christmas present ever?  You end up spending all winter and spring training for the BC Bike Race!  If you have been riding the trails this winter or spring you might have seen Jeff out training for this amazing race!  The BC Bike Race (BCBR) is a seven day mountain bike stage race operated in and around the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. It is also known as the “The Ultimate Singletrack Experience”, taking riders on the adventure of a lifetime. BCBR captures the unique flavour of mountain biking in British Columbia, one of the world’s mountain biking meccas.


BC Bike Race is far more than a race. While it may be the best seven days you’ve ever had on a mountain bike, that’s only part of the story. BC Bike Race is an adventure and an experience. It’s a tour of British Columbia’s West Coast – the trails, the towns, the lifestyle.  Good luck to Jeff and stay tuned for details of his adventure!

They Will Eat You Alive!

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The Upper Peninsula bug season  can occur from March through July causing some folks to seek shelter indoors and avoid these troublesome bugs!   The rest of us  outdoor enthusiast’s forge ahead, bugs be damned, glad to head into the woods after a long winter/spring season.  It’ s hard to determine which bugs we dislike more, mosquitoes or the dreaded black fly.


Mosquitoes are insects that have been around for more than 30 million years. And it seems that, during those millions of years, mosquitoes have been honing their skills so that they are now experts at finding people to bite. The feeding habits of mosquitoes are quite unique in that it is only the adult females that bite humans and other animals. The male mosquitoes feed mainly on plant juices.  Mosquitoes have a battery of sensors designed to track their prey, including:

  • Chemical sensors – mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide and lactic acid up to 100 feet (36 meters) away. Mammals and birds gives off these gases as part of their normal breathing. Certain chemicals in sweat also seem to attract mosquitoes (people who don’t sweat much don’t get nearly as many mosquito bites).
  • Visual sensors – if you are wearing clothing that contrasts with the background, and especially if you move while wearing that clothing, mosquitoes can see you and zero in on you. It’s a good bet that anything moving is “alive”, and therefore full of blood, so this is a good strategy.
  • Heat sensors – Mosquitoes can detect heat, so they can find warm-blooded mammals and birds very easily once they get close enough.


Something with this many sensors sounds more like a military aircraft than an insect. That’s why mosquitoes are so good at finding and biting you. As we’ll see later, the only way to stop these buggers from finding you is to confuse their chemical receptors with impenetrable clothing or with Bug Spray.

Black Fly

Like mosquitoes, black flies gain nourishment by living on the blood of other animals. It’s just the females who do all of the damage by biting and feeding on blood: the males feed mainly on flower nectar. Unlike mosquitoes, black fly eggs are laid in moving water where the larvae attach to rocks using tiny hooks and survive under ice, waiting for the spring thaw. There, they pupate under water feeding on passing organic debris and emerge in a bubble of air as flying adults. When they hatch, they are often preyed upon by fish, such as trout. They live about 4-6 weeks, depending on species, temperature, and food supply.


Sea To Summit Mosquito Headnet

When it’s bug season, make the outdoors more enjoyable by protecting your head with this lightweight net. It’s black mesh netting offers better visibility than white mesh and when not in use it folds down into a small pouch that fits in the palm of your hand!

  • Fine, 500 hole per square inch hexagonal mesh
  • Made of a soft multifilament polyester
  • Packaged in its own tiny stuff sack
  • Elasticized draw cord closure
  • Wide enough to wear with a hat or without
  • Also available in an Insect Shield® Permethrin treated model
  • Weight: 1.3oz






Outdoor Research Spring Headnet

This no-see-um headnet gives you reliable insect protection without the chemicals. The collapsible metal hoop holds the mesh away from your face. A drawcord neck closure prevents the tiniest pests from entering your air space and it collapses into a pocket for easy storage.  Perfect for trudging trough Mulligan Swamp!




Herbal Armor Insect Repellents

Herbal Armor Insect Repellents are the #1 natural, DEET-Free insect repellent according to IRI data and have been mentioned in Popular Science, National Geographic Adventure and more. Using six natural repelling oils in over 25% concentration, they have been proven 100% effective for two hours and 95.8% for three. Allergy tested, and proven non-irritating, the Herbal Armor™ repellents are good for kids and those with sensitive skin. The time-released encapsulation helps make them sweat resistant for active lifestyles. In addition, unlike DEET-based repellents, they won’t damage clothing or equipment.



 BEN’S 100



Ben’s® 100 Tick & Insect Repellent is the perfect solution to staying ‘bite free’ in a insect populated environment.  As anyone knows who has been in the woods for awhile, nothing ruins an outing more than biting and stinging insects.   Ben’s 100 Max is one of the longest lasting DEET formulas available from any manufacturer and is recommended for use in areas of heavy insect infestation.

Ben’s Tick & Insect Repellent is so effective, there is no need to keep reapplying. Use just enough to cover exposed skin and apply to clothing.   It is simply one of the best and strongest insect repellents available.

Don’t let these pesky creature ruin your outdoor adventures……At Down Wind Sports we offer several weapons to combat these dreaded bugs, providing some sanity to your summer adventures.  Stop by either of our stores and get prepared for the bugs!