Skhoop Insulated Skirt Review- Our Ladies Love Them!

One thing is for sure….when the ladies at the store start to rip open the boxes and are very excited about the product coming in, it must be something really good!  Last year was our first year selling the Skhoop product and what a well thought out product.  Here is what Jessica and Melanie think about these functional and fashionable skirts.

 From Jessica

When I first saw the Skhoop skirts I thought to myself, who would ever wear those?  I soon realized after wearing the Skhoop Heidi skirt all winter last year how invaluable they are!  I love the zip up side feature and elastic waist making it easy to layer over pants or skirt any day of the week that I needed a bit more insulation.  The Heidi skirt made outings more enjoyable whether running to the store, going for a walk or throwing it on before and after skiing.  The adjustable zipper can be raised to allow more freedom of movement or lowered to provide increased protection from the elements.  With several different lengths, materials and colors to choose from Skhoop skirts provide insulation and style throughout out long winter season.  As the days shorten and the temperatures begin to drop, I’m looking forward to wearing my Heidi skirt again keeping me warm and toasty!

From Melanie

At first glance it was U.P. Fashion!  A Down Skirt, we could use that year round, and so I did!  After purchasing my first Skhoop skirt last November, it is my go to piece of clothing for  cross country skiing or sailing on Lake Superior.  Believe it or not there were only a couple months this year that my down skirt did not make an appearance!  I love to cross country ski, however, sometimes I find the high performance pants to be a bit chilly on my cheeks!  Now, with my Skhoop down skirt I wear it over my ski tights and voila…no cold cheeks!  With the two side zippers, it is easy for me to unzip a bit to actually ski, or take off once I have warmed up. The left side zipper is a one way zipper, and the right is a two way zipper. This allows you to zip up from the bottom for mobility, like the slit in dress, and the two way zipper allows you to also zip down, which makes it easier to take completely off when you have skis or snowshoes on your feet. Since it is down, it compresses to nothing and I can stuff it into my back pocket or water bottle pack. When finished skiing, I pop it back on- so now I can run my errands on the way home without being chilled. I wear my Skhoop down skirt in sport applications like skiing, but I also throw it on over my yoga pants, when I walk to work or the post office. The down skirt hits just at my knee, an inch or so longer in the back. It has two front zip pockets, big enough to keep your phone or keys handy. The down skirt has a six inch elastic band to keep it snug to the small of your back, yet, it has a nice clean finish to the front-even has belt loops if you want to style it up. I chose to size up, because I wanted to layer it over my cross country tights and my thicker down hill pants. Last winter I had my daughter in her Chariot Jogger, and hit the town for some Christmas shopping. At every stop, I received so many compliments. It just makes sense! You wouldn’t leave the house without a jacket…I wouldn’t leave the house with my skirt! I would recommend a Skhoop Down Skirt to every skier, every hockey mom watching a game in that cold arena, or for the woman who wants to get outside this winter.


Original Skirt

Versatile, insulated overskirt for cold and windy days. Great for walking, waiting for the bus or watching the hockey game in the bleachers. Open-ended zip on the right side makes it easy to take on and off. Zip on the left side up to the hip. Elastic at the back of the waistband for a good fit. Two zippered pockets on the front.


Heidi Skirt

Heidi has the same fluid material as the Original skirt. This is a shorter and sportier model for somewhat milder weather. A perfect outer layer whether you’re hiking, strolling around town or getting in and out of the car while doing errands. Open-ended zip on the right side. Zip on the left side up to the hip. Two zippered front pockets. Elastic at the back of the waistband for a good fit.


Down Skirt

This is a great skirt for those who are always cold. A down-filled skirt that is amazingly light and versatile. Packs light and small and is easy to bring in your bag or backpack. Two front pockets and the same practical details as the other skirts, with side zips. Double down proof lining to minimize the risk of down leaking through.