Event Information

Here is some additional info that might be useful to those attending this years event. We are so excited that you are interested in the Ladies of the Lake  Sea Kayak Symposium!  Be prepared to have fun, be surprised, and meet fellow paddlers from all over the country.



Space Is Limited

Due to our coach to participant ratios we are limiting registration to the first 100 ladies to sign up!

News and Updates

For the most up to date news about the event keep an eye on our Facebook Page.

Registration for the 2018 LOL is $350.00 This fee includes all instruction, tours, demo gear, socials, raffle ticket and more!

Registration will be done online this year. Pick up of registration packet begins Wednesday at 5pm and anytime after.

Sign In
Sign in and pick up of registration packets begins Wednesday at 5pm and anytime after at our LOL Headquarters on the second floor of 387 Restaurant in Munising.

Sign up for classes is all done online when you register.  Space is limited in the tours so if there is a trip you are interested in make sure you sign up early.

In the past if someone was unable to attend we would credit their registration forward to the next year.  We are no longer able to to do that.  This year we are offering a full or partial refund, depending on when you cancel.  If you let us know you can’t make it before April 15th we will refund 75% of your registration fee.  If you cancel between April 15th and July 15th we will refund half of your registration.  No refunds will be given for cancelations after July 15th. If you have a rollover registration from a previous year this is your last year to use it.


*On water class participants are responsible for providing their own kayaks and equipment
*A personal floatation device (PFD) must be worn at all times while on the water
*A wetsuit or drysuit is also highly recommended!
*Kayaks must have bulkheads or floatation
*Bilge pump and paddle float
*Warm Clothes for after paddling, this is the U.P. and we do have cold weather even in August!
*Dry Bags
*A great attitude!


There will be limited rentals available at the symposium.  You can reserve your rentals during the registration process. Rental items that can be reserved before the event include:

– Pfds
– Paddles
– Bilge Pump/Paddle Floats
– Wetsuits


Kayaks, Canoes, SUP’s- FREE

In years past LOL has offered rental boats for the weekend. This year with increased participation in the canoeing and SUP tracks we are offering a limited number of free demos for classes.  Participants will need to check out a boat, canoe or SUP for their class and return after each class.


Down Wind Sports will have a store selling all sorts of kayaking equipment and clothing.  There will be a discount of 20% off all equipment including special orders for all registered participants.  The store will be located at LOL Headqaurters and will be open early and close late!  If you need to order anything prior to the event we will ship it to you at the LOL discount and free shipping!


The demo is open to the public and will offer participants the opportunity to demo all of the latest kayaking gear, boats and clothing.  This is a great opportunity to test paddle a comprehensive selection of kayaking gear before you buy!  Reps will be on hand to answer any questions you might have!  Boats will be available for demo Friday and Saturday from 4PM to 5PM.

There are lots of options for restaurants in Munising and a grocery store for those who don’t want to eat out.

Please refer to the trip destination and skill level description to make a good trip choice for yourself. You must be pre-registered to participate.

Trip Requirements

*Boats must have 2 bulkheads or floatation

*PFD and wetsuit are required

*Besides kayaking gear, all participants should bring a hearty lunch, plenty of water, appropriate clothing for paddling, and extra clothes for lunch and rest breaks.

*All trips are weather dependant!  If it is determined that it is not safe to travel on Lake Superior, an alternative site will be suggested.

*We will try to car pool to the put in sites on all trips.


Dressing For Paddling On Lake Superior: A Brief Look
Lake Superior can be incredibly cold even during a warm summer. For safety and comfort participants are encouraged to dress in layers. Do not wear cotton as it does not insulate well and takes a long time to dry.  Please wear a wetsuit or hydroskin along with a wind breaking layer, paddle jacket or drysuit.

Layer Descriptions

Base Layer: worn next to skin it should be light weight, wicking wool or synthetic

Mid Layer: this will be an insulating layer of wool, fleece, hydroskin or wetsuit

Outer Layer: this will provide protection against the elements and should be wind and waterproof.  Things such as paddling jackets, drysuits, paddling shoes, paddling gloves and sun or rain hats.


The great thing about the U.P. is that there is limited cell phone coverage……the bad thing about the U.P. is it has limited cell phone coverage!  If you have an emergency or your family needs to get in contact with you- please provide them with these numbers:

Bill Thompson 906-361-0083

Still have questions?  Please don’t hesitate to call or contact Bill  at downwindsports@gmail.com or 906- 226-7112