Ladies of the Lake is all about being social. It’s an opportunity to not only grow your paddle skill but also grow our women’s paddle community.  We take this seriously.  Each night we offer get togethers so you can let your hair down and have a little fun off the water.

Thursday Wine and Chocolate Welcome – As the symposium kicks off take the opportunity to relax and enjoy a drink and a snack. This is the time that you will learn the ins and outs of the symposium and get any up to date announcements.  It’s also a great chance to catch up with friends you may not have seen since last year’s event or make some new friends that you’ll see throughout the weekend

Friday Buffet Dinner, Featured Presentation, Raffle – Our evening will kick off with an buffet style meal so we can all sit down, share a meal and get excited about the weekend to come! The dinner is included with your registration and will be held right a headquarter. After dinner we will have a featured presentation. Sit back and enjoy the paddling stories that will entertain and inspire you for a great weekend of paddling!

Everyone loves free stuff and Ladies of the Lake takes that seriously.  Our sponsors donate some incredible prizes for us to give away during our annual game show.  In the past we’ve done Paddle Wheel of Fortune, Kayak Jeopardy, and LOL Family Feud just to name a few.  Stay tuned to see what we come up with this year and to see what prizes we get from our sponsors. It’s sure to not disappoint!

NRS Theme Party –  This is it.  The one you’ve heard about. The now famous, or infamous, Ladies of the Lake theme party. It’s hard to describe the unbridled fun that comes from 100+ women dressed in costume and partying down.  In the past themes have ranged from Woodstock to the Oscars; from Pirates to the Wild West.