The Michigan Ice Fest


The Michigan Ice Fest is the longest running ice climbing festival in the country and was started by a handful of hearty souls who had a distinct love for the area and were interested in sharing their passion with others. We bonded over the areas unique adventurous climbing situated above the greatest fresh water lake in the world. Word of mouth soon spread of the pillars of ice in the north and a tribe of climbers bonded over cold ice, even colder beer and we became something of a family.  Over the years our family of climbers has grown, a lot.  We are no longer 7 people watching a slideshow in a bar, we’re now over 1000 close- knit climbers watching presentations from some of the world’s most talented climbers, in a beautiful historic theater!

Whether you’re an experienced climber who’s been to every Michigan Ice Fest or an adventure seeker who’s never tied into a rope, the festival makes ice climbing accessible to the first timer, teaches advanced skills to those looking to improve and connects participants with the greater climbing community.

This is a special place where you can socialize and bond as climbers and get to together as the biggest, most fun family anywhere. We invite you to come on up to the Upper Peninsula to experience this extraordinary event where you can expect to experience our famed “Yooper” hospitality and world class ice.


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