What to Bring

What do you need to bring to have a great ice climbing experience with our guides?  Not much.  Here’s a short list of what to bring and what we can provide of you need it.

Bring these:

  • Footwear: Medium weight wool or synthetic socks will help to keep your feet warm during your climb.
  • Base Layer: Long underwear top and bottom.
  • Mid Layer: Fleece or wool top and bottoms. “Puffy Jacket”
  • Outer Layer: Insulated winter jacket with hood if possible. Winter pants
  • Headwear: Synthetic or wool hat, (beanie). A lighter weight fits better under the helmet. Buff or neck gaiter.
  • Handwear: Bring 2 pairs of light weight gloves to climb in and 1 pair of heavier weight gloves to hang out in.
  • Warm Drink: Hydration is as important and warm drink can heat you up from the inside when it’s cold outside. Coffee, tea, cocoa, hot water, whatever your preference.
  • Backpack: A larger pack is nice to carry all of your gear for the day.  If you don’t have a large pack our guide service can provide you one.
  • Lunch and snacks: No one likes being hungry.  Bringing a few snacks and a lunch will help you stay out longer and have more fun.
  • Your climbing gear – If you don’t have any, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  But if you do, bring it.  It’s always more comfortable climbing with your own gear. Our guides will inspect all gear to ensure safety.
  • Camera – Most people have a camera with them everywhere they go, this should be no exception.  You’ll get some great photos to show off and help you hang on to the amazing memories you’ll make.  We love seeing our clients photos so make sure you send them to us or tag us in them on social media!

We can provide:

  • Climbing Boots
  • Crampons
  • Ice Tools
  • Harness
  • Helmet (required for all trips)


Any of the recommended gear that you don’t have is available to purchase at Down Wind Sports. They are giving all guiding clients a 20% discount on climbing gear and apparel, so take advantage of the opportunity and be prepared to have the best day possible!  You can shop in any of their three locations (Munising, Marquette, or Houghton) or online at ShopDownWindSports.com