What to Know

Before you book a rock climbing adventure there are some things you should know. We’ll do our best to answer the usual questions here but if there is something we didn’t think of please just send us a message.  We’re all about your experience

Who takes these trips?

You.  Seriously.  You’ll enjoy this. You don’t have to be a 20 something, super fit, outdoorsy person to climb rocks.  We promise. You can do this.

We love taking out kids as young 6 and these trips a great way to create family memories. We can accommodate larger parties too so having a rock climbing birthday will definitely be one they won’t forget.

In the past we’ve worked with groups of climbers with mobility issues. Sharing climbing is incredibly rewarding for us and we’ll do our best to create a fun, positive experience.  If you would like to book an adaptive climbing experience please send us a message.

What does a trip entail?

Climbing.  As much of it as you want.  You and your guide will work out a time and place to meet and then you’ll drive to the crag.  After some quick set up and a safety briefing you’ll spend the rest of the day climbing.  You can stay out as long as you want to and our guides will give you as much, or as little instruction as you want.

We can provide all of the gear, or if you have it you are welcome to use your own.  We have a list of what’s provided and what you’ll need to bring that you can find HERE.

Where are we going?

The central and western U.P. are home to dozens of amazing rock climbing locations.  We can take you to any of them.  We typically take trips to the crags around Marquette and Houghton that easiest to access and provide the most variety of climbing but we’re always willing to travel.

When is the best time to book a trip?

There is never a bad time to go climbing in the U.P.  Our rock climbing season usually starts in mid May and might last until early November depending on how the winter is going.  The best time is probably August and September.  It can be hot but the mosquitoes have let up and the days tend to be sunny and nice.  May can be a little cold but there are no bugs and lots of wildflowers.  June and July tend to have great weather although they can be buggy, but it’s nothing a little repellent can’t handle.  October offers the beauty fall with amazing vistas filled with colorful foliage.  Like we said, there is never a bad time to rock climb in the U.P.

Cannabis and Alcohol Policy

Alcohol/Cannabis are not permitted at any of the climbing areas and use is not permitted prior to or during any guided activity by participants or guides.

How do I sign Up?


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message.  We love hearing from people and we want to help you create a fun experience you’ll never forget.