Ice Conditions Report 1-13-19

With a week of colder temperatures, we are pretty stoked to report that a good portion of the classic pillars have formed and we are experiencing some pretty darn good conditions! This weekend saw many visiting climbers searching out along the lakeshore finding that pillars that were not formed last weekend had finally reached the ground.

The Good The Bad The Ugly


The Dryer Hose


The Ampitheater


Sweet Mother Moses


Sweet Mother Moses


The Good The Bad The Ugly


No Boundaries


With this phenomenal forecast it looks like almost all of our climbs will be in by next weekend and we should start to see the lake start to form some ice…..hopefully by Ice Fest that would mean access to Grand Island!


Munising Bay

The Michigan Ice fest Guides have openings for next weekend if you or a group would like a specialized guided trip of the park or if you are just in need of some rentals remember our store is located at 112 Elm in Munising and are now open all weekend long!

At Michigan Ice we take pride in being your go to site for current ice climbing conditions for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as well as climbs throughout the Upper Peninsula. Planning a trip to Pictured Rocks?  We have you covered for all the latest snow and ice conditions on all of your favorite climbs.  Check back often for updates, pictures, and trip reports! Special thanks goes out to the Miller’s, & the DeAugustine’s for submitting shots for this update!

The Beer and Band Have Been Selected For Our After Party!

We are really getting stoked!  Ice fest 2019 is shaping up to be our best ever and it’s looking like it’s going to be the climbing event of the year for the midwest.

There’s really nothing we like more after a long day of climbing than to relax with our friends and enjoy a beer. Even better if it’s a good beer, and even better than that if it’s a good local beer!  This year we have once again connected with the Ore Dock Brewing Company from just up the road in Marquette.  They love the U.P. as much as we do and were really excited to be involved with Ice Fest.

We put our thinking (drinking?) caps on and came up with three special, Ice Fest only, beers to give away at our climber’s after parties.  We loved it so much we had some stickers made to celebrate.

Make sure you grab a brew, a sticker, and say hello and thank you to the guys from the Ore Dock!




Saturday 387 will be closing down for the 2019 Michigan Ice Fest and we will be taking over the building! Ice Fest participants will have access to the entire building providing plenty of room for everyone. Once again we will have free beer from the Ore Dock (while supplies last) and, YES, a band and dancing!

This year we are excited to have Grand Rapids own Fauxgrass preforming Saturday night.

The Fauxgrass approach to music, original and traditional, has quickly landed them a place in the progressive bluegrass community since their 2011 inception. With a fresh, playful, and heart-felt approach to structure Fauxgrass performances flow between genres with unique instrumental communication. The current members consist of Hayes Griffin (guitar), Timothy McKay (bass), Jason Wheeler (mandolin), and Jeffery Niemeier (fiddle). They have toured extensively through the mid-west, Colorado, and northeast coast, as well as establishing themselves as a regular presence in the Michigan music scene. They are continuing to build momentum as their unique songwriting and fun performances find enthusiastic reception around the region. Their creative approach to a familiar musical style is a breath of fresh air, and something worth experiencing for the acoustic music lover.

New Product- See these and more at Michigan Ice Fest Headquarters!

During Ice Fest our headquarters is the ultimate “toy shop” that a climber can dream of. From clothing to gear if it is made for ice climbing, you’ll find it here!   All of the leading manufacturers will have booths set up displaying and selling the latest and greatest gear with sales representatives on hand to answer any questions you might have. And that’s not even the best part! As a participant at the Michigan Ice Fest you are entitled to a 20% discount on all purchases made during the festival.

From now until Ice Fest we will be giving you a sneak peak on a small sampling of what you can expect to find in the sponsor booths!



The Warthog 40L is tough and light like its little brother, the Warthog 28L, but added volume and features make it suitable for longer adventures. Like its smaller sibling, it features a helmet holder, rope carrier and a handy quick-release skirt opening system to access to your gear. The lateral compression straps can be used to transport skis and the ice tool holders are perfectly designed for carrying a set of technical tools. The thermoformed ergonomic back panel and shoulder stabilizer straps are designed to provide maximum comfort when carrying loads, and the front haul loop proves to be highly convenient to hang the pack at belays. The Warthog 40L is incredibly durable and its compact design ensures maximum freedom of movement when you’re climbing. It is the perfect companion for all of your most demanding alpine adventures.



Built from Sterling’s RIT 900 cord, the Hollow Block 6.8mm x 13.5in is designed to function as a pre-sewn prusik or climb heist. Made with aramid fiber and sewn with Sterling’s proprietary sewing pattern, this ultra-strong cord is designed to provide excellent griping power on climbing ropes with diameters of 7mm or larger.







Grivel took its revolutionary G20 crampon, celebrated for its unprecedented lightness and quick-climbing, technical design, and added a second front point for versatility when contacting the ice. The result is the semi-rigid Grivel G22 Crampon. The G22 comes with either a Cramp-O-Matic binding for use with plastic-soled boots that have substantial welts or the more adaptable New-Matic binding for use with virtually any boot, including those with shallow front welts or overboots.



The ERGONOMIC ice axe is designed for steep ice and for dry tooling. The sharp angle of the handle is ideal for prolonged hanging and increases power when pulling. The double handle offers multiple grip modes and stable hand switching. At home on rock or ice, the DRY pick optimizes inverted positions and the weights facilitate slotting of the pick in cracks. Featuring a minimalist hammer, the head is protected and allows the user to hammer a piton back in. It is entirely modular and can be configured for the requirements at hand.








Black Diamond’s Ultralight Ice Screw was designed because weight matters for those serious fast and light missions. Looking to shave weight wherever they could, Black Diamond constructed this specialty ice screw out of aluminum with a steel tip so as to not compromise drilling efficiency while also dropping weight in critical areas. The hangar geometry has been updated to provide the strength required and still boast the double openings that come with Black Diamond’s express ice screws. A folding handle shaves more weight when you thought the product developers couldn’t keep finding ways to cut back, and the handles are color coded so you can choose the correct length and drill the screw on the fly as you fight the pump.

Ice Conditions Report 1-6-19 Miners Falls

At Michigan Ice we take pride in being your go to site for current ice climbing conditions for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as well as climbs throughout the Upper Peninsula. Having a store in Munising now allows our guides to get out even more bringing you up to the minute conditions.  Planning a trip to Pictured Rocks or maybe this is your first time up here and want to find out where the ice is.  Be sure to stop by the store to get the latest beta and directions to some of the amazing climbing in Munising.


Today the Michigan Ice Fest Guides took advantage of a small snow pack and drove out to the Miners Falls area to check out the conditions after a short cold spell.  As of today the road is well packed and driveable.  This may change Monday due to a predicted snowstorm! After a short hike we found that the falls were cranking with water which made for some spectacular spray ice on both of the adjacent walls.


Widow Maker





The afternoon was spent running laps on the steep soft thin ice that forms on the walls of this canyon from the spray from the main waterfall- Miners Falls.  The main falls only freeze after sustained cold weather due to their high volume of water flow and so far this season we have not had cold enough weather for these to form.  The thundering sound of the falls only feet from the climb added to the uniqueness of climbing in this setting.


It looks like we have some favorable weather coming in which will help to form some of the pillars that are very close to being climbable!  If you are looking to hire one of the Michigan Ice Fest Guides for a back country adventure be sure to check out our web site at here!


New and Improved Demo!

New for the 2019 Ice Fest we are adding a day onto our popular demo so that you will be able to try out the latest gear from our incredible sponsors!  Depending on ice conditions our guides will pre set 10-15 ropes for climber to come out and test the gear and their skills.

You will also have the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best climbers as they will be on-hand to provide tips and advice.

If you have your own helmet and harness, bring them if you want to avoid having to waiting.

There will be a protected area roped off.  We ask that climbers and belayers be in this area only. Helmets must be worn while climbing or belaying in the roped off area!!!

The Curtains along Sand Point Road in Munising

Friday  ::  10am – 4pm
Saturday  ::  10am – 4pm
Sunday     ::  10am – 3pm

Ice Conditions Report 12-30-18

Bridal Veil Falls PC Colten Moore 12-29-18


This holiday week has seen many climbers coming up to enjoy some early season ice.  Warm temperature during mid December has hindered ice growth with all waterfalls still unclimbable.  The good news is that we have finally have had a few days of cold temperatures and a decent amount of snowfall helping to get some ice to form.


Smaller seeps are in and were climbed all week.  These include: Prelude Curtain, Opening Curtain, The Curtains, The School Room, Big Pine Pillar and the Lakeshore Curtains.  A reminder for those who are coming up that all rentals are now being rented out of our Munising store only and the new store location is at 112 Elm Munising Michigan. We also have a new online reservation system which can be found at:

The store is staffed by climbers who are more than happy to help you with your gear needs and to offer any beta- please stop in and let us know what you climbed that day!

Next week looks like we will get the weather we were hoping for so that those waterfalls will freeze up and we can hop on The Dryer Hose and SMM!

At Michigan Ice we take pride in being your go to site for current ice climbing conditions for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as well as climbs throughout the Upper Peninsula. Planning a trip to Pictured Rocks?  We have you covered for all the latest snow and ice conditions on all of your favorite climbs.  Check back often for updates, pictures, and trip reports!

Ice Conditions Report 12-16-18

Strawberry Daze PC Captain Scott Gnas

In what what seemed more like a warm spring day, sunny skies and 45 degree temperatures greeted climbers this weekend seeking out climbable ice.  Captain Scott Gnas launched the Sea Dragon II (don’t ask what happened to the Sea Dragon I) and explored the Pictured Rocks shore line as well as Grand Island! What a beautiful unique view of Strawberry Daze….sure would be nice to have the daggers on either side form this year!


Bridal Veil Falls with Jesse Dollaway dropping in. PC Captain Scott Gnas


Bridal Veil Falls PC Jesse Dollaway

As with our last post the seeps in the park are holding their own during his warm spell but the true waterfalls are just that…..full on waterfalls! Next weeks forecast brings a predicted cool down early next week which will help in forming up some ice but temps will rise with highs back again in the 30s by midweek. A winter system Wednesday night into Thursday will bring the next round of wintry weather.


East side of Trout Bay- Grand Island PC Captain Scott Gnas
Emily Gantner at the School Room 12-16-18

At Michigan Ice we take pride in being your go to site for current ice climbing conditions for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as well as climbs throughout the Upper Peninsula. Planning a trip to Pictured Rocks?  We have you covered for all the latest snow and ice conditions on all of your favorite climbs.  Check back often for updates, pictures, and trip reports!

Patagonia Provisions Cooking Demo With Brittany Griffith!

Join climbing chef extraordinaire Brittany Griffith as she shares some of her
Patagonia Provisions culinary secrets. Why a cooking class at an Ice Fest?
Who doesn’t want to eat well on their next adventure? Stop by hungry and
sample some of these amazing Patagonia Provisions creations!

Patagonia Provisions Cooking Demo Friday & Saturday 4pm Community Center


Why Does Patagonia Produce Food?

The tradition and culture of food have always been important to us at Patagonia. On our many travels, the meals—cedar-planked salmon with First Nations friends in BC, tsampa in yak-hair tents in Tibet, asado and chimichurri with Patagonian gauchos—become a vital part of the experience. What we eat does more than just fill our stomachs and nourish our bodies; good food lifts our spirits and helps us understand the world a little better.


Brittany Griffith

When climbers talk about keeping up with the best of them, the proverbial “them” includes ultra-badass Brittany Griffith. A committed lifer to the sport Griffith has climbed, led, and bolted some of the most challenging routes around the world, collecting once-in-a-lifetime stories that deserve a page of their own. While her skills beyond climbing are vast and venerable, her self-described “Gypsy Kitchen” cooking style deserves a mention, keeping her fellow climbers well-fed with what’s on hand. One of Patagonia’s ambassadors, Brittany will bring her climbing and cooking skills to the fest.