Ice Conditions Report 3-13-23

Our winter conditions continue to keep rolling in with snow and cold temperatures which provided some of the best ice conditions we have had all winter long! Relatively speaking, this past weekend was pretty quite as far a visiting climbers so if you are thinking of coming up next weekend you should have your pick of some of the classic climbs!  The advantage of coming up and climbing in March is that the seeps are bigger, the ice is solid, our days are longer and after suffering all winter long sunshine and warmer temperatures makes for easier climbing!

Here is a look at current conditions of the climbs:


All climbs are in and fat. The only exception would be right Twin which does have some water flowing in the center of the climb.


It really doesn’t get any better than the conditions we have right now! All kinds of BC climbs are in and just waiting for climbers!

Weather and ice conditions can change hourly and what may appear to be “good conditions” to one climber may not be so to another. Please remember that just because a conditions report says that a particular climb is “in”, each individual is ultimately responsible for making his/her own climbing decisions.

At Michigan Ice we take pride in being your go to site for current ice climbing conditions for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as well as climbs throughout the Upper Peninsula. Planning a trip to Pictured Rocks? We have you covered for all the latest snow and ice conditions on all of your favorite climbs. We also offer a full guide service and are currently booking guided ice climbing trips for the 22/23 season! Check back often for updates, pictures, and trip reports!

Ice Conditions Report 12-24-15

23943605105_3c1dd2f7c0_zOur friend and Michigan Ice Film producer Aaron Peterson, was scouting out the ice yesterday and sent us these shots from the field.  The photo above is of the Munising mega classic HMR.  For the climbers who put the effort in to access HMR WI5 6oM, they will be rewarded with a challenging,  beautiful climb.  Located in the most remote portion of the park, this climb sees  little or no action throughout the season.  For the committed, this is the ultimate climb in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Twin Towers 12-24-15
Twin Towers 12-24-15

These two columns form the climb Twin Towers which is just south(west) of the arch on Grand Portal Point.  Access the climb by snowshoeing the Mosquito Beach Trail until it reaches the cliff’s edge.  Follow the cliff line east for about a mile.  The climb forms just south east from Grand Portal Point.  WI 4+ to 6  45 meters


HMR 12-24-15
HMR 12-24-15


The Seeping Wall 12-24-15
The Seeping Wall 12-24-15

Even with recent warm temperatures, the big ice formations are starting to appear. This coming week we have below freezing temps predicted so start to sharpen those tools and stay tuned for next weeks report!

Ice Conditions 1-15-15


With the big blizzard this past weekend and sub zero temperatures predicted for the next week ice conditions at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore remain amazing!  Sunday we skied out to Miners Falls in sunny but cold conditions.  With the blowing and drifting Saturday if you are venturing out into the backcountry skis or snowshoes are a must!


Lake ice remains in place and opportunities to climb on Grand Island still exist.  The crossing at Sand Point is still dangerous so if you have plans to go out please use the Grand Island public access.


If you are planning on coming up next weekend it will be cold but the climbing should be spectacular!  Dress warm and remember those snowshoes if you are going into the backcountry.



Munising Ice Conditions- Close But No Cigar! 12-9

Grand Island West Side

Traveled to Munising this morning with high hopes of getting on something today.  Close but no cigar!  Cold temps are predicted all week so we might be in luck soon!

East Channel

The ice on Grand Island is coming in quite nicely.  No shore ice yet so it would still be a long cold swim!

The Curtains

While there is snow- there is no need for snowshoes yet.  The seeps are almost touching down but the true waterfalls have a ways to go.

The Dryer Hose

The Amphitheater

Memorial Falls

Window Waltz

Check back next week- hopefully we’ll be on ice!