Sharpen Your Own Screws With The Petzl Lim’Ice!

In years past sharpening an ice screw was either super expensive or incredibly time consuming…..not anymore!  FINALLY- Petzl has introduced a light, compact, hold in your hand, tool for sharpening any ice screw.  The Lim’ice fits neatly in the palm of your hand and is the roughly the size of an electric razor . The tool consists of a file with a handle and guide so you can insert any ice screw- simply move the screw up and down a few times to sharpen.

The Lim’ice is also very easy to use even a drooling ice climber type can figure out how to do it.  There are two holes on the guide-insert your screw in one to sharpen the vertical edges, and then into the other to sharpen the angles. When you insert an ice screw into the guide you twist it half clockwise to lock it in place. Petzl suggest moving the screw up and down the file 3 to 4 times depending on how dull the screw is.

At the edge of each hole is a small triangle graphic explaining the sharpening process, ensuring you sharpen each tooth, but it is advisable to mark each tooth with a black marker after you’ve sharpened it so you remember where you are!  Ice is almost here so get your screws ice ready and capable of going through bullet proof ice like a hot knife through butter!


  • Easy handling of the device makes for quick and easy sharpening
  • Two sharpening guides allow precise sharpening of both sides of the drill teeth
  • Standard sharpening guides allow sharpening of most ice screws
  • High-quality file is reversible for extended life


Can’t buy it at your local shop?  Click here to purchase it from your friends at Down Wind Sports!