Featured Presentations To Be Held In The Beautiful Mather Auditorium


With all of the changes happening with this years Ice Fest we thought we would give you a look at our new facility- The Mather Auditorium, which will host our feature presentations Thursday-Saturday evening.  The auditorium is a historical old theater with classic wooden seats, an overhanging balcony and raised stage.  An area leader, William Mather, is whom the auditorium is named for, and is where we now host our shows.

William G. Mather was an American industrialist. Mather who was born in Ohio, headed the Cleveland Cliff Iron Company for 50 years from 1890 through 1940. During his tenure he consolidated several mining operations and diversified into iron-ore industries and steel operations.

The Mather Elementary School was built in his honor, in 1921 and included a classic auditorium with a raised stage and theater style seating.  In 2001/2002 the auditorium was completely renovated and a state of the art sound and lighting were introduced.  With over 700 seats, and a sixty foot screen, the auditorium will provide the perfect setting for our featured slideshows.  Gone are the days struggling to see a small screen in a hot, overcrowded, and loud room!