New Product- Grivel Twin Gates


Since 1818, Grivel has been a leading innovator in the climbing industry. This season they have a completely modern and ultra-light new line of caribiners.  The Grivel Plume Twin Gate offers a revolutionary twin gate design, light weight and added safety in a D shape carabiner with two wire gates. Carabiners can clip and unclip by accident,  causing injury, or death. The only carabiner that successfully cures this, is the TWIN GATE.  The Twin Gate is a safety revolution. The innovative design makes it a perfect ordinary or screwgate carabiner, with the difference that it’s safer and faster : screw gates can be forgotten to be screwed and locked, can be clogged with dirt or grit, and when ice climbing can freeze jamming the gates and the screws.

While wandering around our headquarters, be sure check out the Grivel booth and all ot their amazing ice gear, and of course you will want to take the Twin Gate for a clip test!